Eclipse, Pictures in Motion

And now, for my final post about the Ring of Fire…

So, the plan was originally to head to the South Oregon Coast to watch this thing. But, of course, the forecast turned from Sunny and warm to typical Northwest weather. So we pivoted to the central valley of Oregon or California. Much stress was experienced the evening before as the forecast in Medford was partly cloudy, turning to rain in the evening. Not awesome.

After googling the internets for a while, we discovered that the Shasta Astronomy Club was arranging an event at the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. Thus, a plan was hatched to head south. First to the Mount Shasta City, and then onwards to the Central Valley metropolis of Redding.

It was hot….

Can't find this image anywhere online

Whiskeytown Lake, just outside Redding, CA

We arrived a few hours before First Contact, which turned out to be good planning, as the parking lot filled up quickly. We snagged a parking space in the shadow of a RV from Vancouver BC, and hunkered down for the eclipse, which I was given to understand heralded the end of the world.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the world didn’t end. Mayans got it wrong afterall.

PS, I believe the artwork was done by Tyler Nordgren but the Whiskeytown piece is not included on his site, nor are the two below.

Eclipse posters

One of Seven


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