Matts In the Market

Planes, Trains and Traveling Chefs.  This is actually part deux, but I didn’t do a part…uh…un.  So here you go:

Mackerel and Sea Foam

by Dominique Crenn.  I don’t have much to say about this since it is more of a DailyWaffle thing, but I’ll leave my photos of the meal here…

Roasted Potatoes, Columbia River Roe

This meal was advanced…

Head Cheese

Wine Wednesday



Moody DuBrul

I expect, sooner or later, I’ll need to cop to these low content posts. All you need to know for now is Oregon wines are underrated. Owen Roe, who blend WA and OR grapes, pour an excellent glass of vino.


*It Doesn't

Chai Means Delicious*

I think we can all agree that diet soda is ambrosia.  It is also poison sent from the eternal deceiver to carve holes in the stomachs and brains of the weak willed (like me).  So in my battle against that pseudo-sweet carbonated water, I have turned to drinking absurd amounts of tea.  At, or near, the top of my list is chai.  I’ve been trying to brew it at home to avoid commercial alternatives (some of which are adequate, to be sure, but nothing like the real deal).  It turns out this is more of a challenge than you might expect.

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